About Sonja's

 The culinary bouquet of Austria is made up of many fragrances.

Of sugar, butter and rum.

Of toasted almonds and chestnuts roasting at street corners in wintertime.
Of new wine and old.

Of love for recipes passed from mother to daughter.

Of sweet whipped cream and a leisurely contemplation of life.

Of strong beer and Gulasch.

But above all, of love for good food and the spirit of adventure that goes into its making.



Sonja cooks with a passion and enjoys exploring different cuisines and cultures.

Cooking is Sonja's hobby where she can relax, unwind and express herself. 

When her mother's old Austrian recipe books were passed to her, she fell in love with the traditional ways of cooking Austrian Cuisine and decided it was now time to share

her food with the public.

Now I run a commercial kitchen from home, and my husband and I operate out of our Food Trailer at Farmers Markets. 

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Dawn Gorgosilich

“So excited to find you! I grew up on Austrian food having a Viennese father and have not found any since moving over from Canada. See you at the home show”


Moe Toleafoa

Love the apple strudel. Which market will you be at next?


Al Brown

"Tastes exactly how it [cremeschnitten] should..."


New Zealand Herald LIFESTYLE | Food & Drink

Weekend farmers market: Parnell a lovely bunch

1 Sep, 2018 

Guilty pleasures: Take a seat under the central gazebo, and savour homemade treats from Sonja's Taste of Austria. We couldn't decide on sweet over savoury, so we opted for a venison ragout pie and then we shared a custard slice – creme Schnitten – and a generous slice of apple and plum strudel.